The Indian Meteorological Society (IMS) is a non-profit scientific society with the overarching objective to advance meteorological and allied sciences in all their aspects. To achieve this object, the society is expected to encourage and expand research activity, publish books, periodicals and promote cooperation in scientific work. These activities would require sustained and organized effort on the part of the society. Therefore, it is proposed to constitute a Standing Committee on Research and Publication dedicated to the promotion of research and publication activities in the IMS.

Tenure, Membership and Mode of Functioning

The Standing Committee will have a tenure of four years. The committee will be composed of seven members, with four IMS Fellows and three ex-officio IMS National Council (NC) members. The IMS Fellows will serve the committee for the entire period of four years and will provide continuity. Ex-officio members will be from the NC currently in-charge at any given point of time.

The Committee will function in virtual mode using e-mails and teleconferences. The Secretary of the committee, preferably one of the ex-officio members, will coordinate the work of the Committee under the guidance of the Chair and other members. The Committee may hold side meetings during TROPMET/INTROMET events, if possible. The Committee may constitute Working Groups/Expert Teams/Task Teams to carry out various functions of the Committee.

Terms of Reference


  • To prepare guidelines for research-focused activities of IMS in line with other established societies;
  • To encourage and assist IMS members to take up research studies/projects;
  • To explore funding opportunities for research;
  • To provide guidelines for in-house publication of research reports by IMS members;
  • To provide guidelines for publication of status papers on topics of general interest;
  • To work out an action plan to prioritize promotion of research in IMS activities;
  • To develop database of experts who are willing to provide guidance to research students and coordinate their activities


  • Improvement of Vayumandal by (i) making online publication of old issues of Vayumandal, (ii) online submission and review process, (iii) improvement in standard of publication, (iv) Editorial Board and their responsibilities;
  • Publication of IMS series of Review Papers;
  • Publication of popular book series;
  • Publication of Bibliography.

Present Composition

To be determined.