There are several biennial IMS awards and one annual IMS award, to recognize excellence in the field of meteorology and allied sciences in the form of best research papers published in reputed peer-reviewed journals.  Nominations (including self-nominations) for the awards due will be invited in advance of the award presentation ceremony every year, which is typically synchronized with the inaugural function of either TROPMET or INTROMET event.

IMS Biennial Awards for Best Papers Published

Topic Name of Award Form of Award
Monsoon Research Formerly B.N. Desai Award Citation & ₹15,000
Atmospheric Observations & Technologies Formerly J. Das Gupta Award Citation & ₹15,000
Weather & Climate Services Formerly Bhavannarayana Award Citation & ₹15,000
Application of Satellite Data and Remote Sensing in Meteorology Formerly P. Krishna Rao Award Citation & ₹25,000
Modelling Study on Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Formerly A.D. Vernekar Award Citation & ₹25,000
Climate Science & Climate Change Prof. D.V. Bhaskar Rao Award Citation & ₹25,000
Published in the IMS Journal Vayumandal in the last two years (No need for application from the authors; IMS will automatically consider all the papers published) Vayumandal Award Citation & ₹15,000

IMS Annual Young Scientist Award for Best Paper Published

Topic: Tropical Meteorology
Form of Award: Citation & ₹50,000
Requirement: At least the First Author should be below 45 years at the time of publication.