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10 Prof. Elena Surovyatkina 7 February 2023 Two Types of Critical Transitions to Monsoon: Universal Definition of Local Monsoon Onset Click Here
9 Prof. Elena Surovyatkina 17 January 2023 Two Types of Critical Transitions to Monsoon Jointly with IITM
Click Here
8 Dr. Vijay Tallapragada 22 December 2022 Development of NOAA’s Community-based Coupled Unified Forecast System (UFS) for Research and Operations – Current Status and Future Plans Jointly with IITM
Click Here
7 Dr. K J Ramesh 27 September 2022 Role of MoES in monitoring and forecasting of environmental pollution Click Here
6 Prof. Navin Ramankutty 13 September 2022 Farming on a Warming Planet Jointly with Future Earth National Committee – India Click Here
5 Prof. A P Dimri 09 September 2022 Himalayan Weather Click Here
4 Dr. Ajit Tyagi 11 July 2022 Role of Meteorological Societies Click Here
3 Prof. S. K. Dash 28 January 2022 Role of Academic Institutions in the development of trained manpower in Atmospheric and Oceanic sciences Click Here
2. Prof. S. Gadgil 16 November 2021 Monsoon Science: Achievements and Challenges Click here
1. Dr R.R.Kelkar 19 October, 2021 Progress of Meteorological Services after Independence Click here