22-23 March, 2019
Organised by
Indian Meteorological Society
And Jointly Supported by MoES, DST and IMD
World Water Day– 22nd March, 2019
World Meteorological Day– 23rd March 2019
Venue : Mahika Hall, Prithvi Bhawan Lodhi Road, New Delhi

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 Power Point Presentations


Sr. No Title of the Talk Author Download Link
1 Climate Services in India Dr. K. J. Ramesh, IMD Download
2 Weather and Climate Modelling for Seamless Forecasting in Climate Services Dr. A. K. Sahai, IITM Download
3 Satellite Observations for Climate Monitoring Dr. C. M. Kishtawal, SAC, ISRO, Ahm. Download
4 Climate Services for Agriculture and Food Security : A Stakeholder perspective Dr. P. K. Aggarwal, CIMMYT Download
5 Agromet Advisories and Agriculture Contingency Plans Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar, CRIDA Download
6 Agrometeorological Advisory Services & Its Role in Enhancing Farm Productivity Dr. K. K. Singh, Agromet Services, IMD Download
7 Role of Precipitation forecasts in Operational Inflow Forecasting System for Tehri Dam: Limitations and Future scope Dr. N. K. Goel, IIT Roorkee Download
8 Climate Change & Need of Climate Services to Water Sector Prof. A.K. Gosain, IIT Delhi Download
9 Rainfall Information Across Scales from Seamless Modelling System Dr. A. K. Mitra, NCMRWF Download
10 Disaster Risk Management – Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Pavan Kumar Singh, NDMA Download
11 Early Warning and Impact Based Forecasting Dr. M. Mohapatra, IMD Download
12 High Resolution Ensemble Forecast for Extreme Weather Dr. Medha Deshpande, IITM Download
13 Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management Dr. Anil Gupta, NIDM Download
14 Advancement and Immediate Priorities of Earth System Modelling in India Dr. R. Krishnan, IITM Download
15 Climate services in Health sector: Vector Borne Diseases Dr. R. C. Dhiman, ICMR Download
16 Application of Climate Forecast on Health:
Learning from Ahmedabad Heat Action Plan
Dr. Shyam Pingle, IIPH-G


17 Heat Wave Forecasting – Application of Extended Range Forecast on Health Sector Dr. D. R. Pattanaik, IMD Download
18 NCMRWF Forecast Products for Renewable Energy Applications Dr. Raghavendra Ashrit, NCMRWF Download
19 Application of Weather & Climate forecast in Power System Mr. Alok Kumar, POSOCO Download
20 Heat-stress Index for India: Projection for near-Future (HIIPROF) Sagnik Dey, IITD Download
21 NICE(Network for Information on Climate [Ex]: Change) : Knowledge Management system for Farmer Advisory Mr. Himanshu Verma, GIZ-India Download
22 Power of Citizen Science to Contribute to Science & Society Dr. Raghu Saxena, Earth Watch Download