Instructions For Authors

Only original work should be submitted. It should not have been published earlier in any form or should not be under consideration elsewhere. Manuscripts should be sent to the Executive Editor, Vayu Mandal by email to [email protected]

Articles should be as brief as full documentation allows. They should not usually exceed 5-6 printed pages (approximately 4000 words) including diagrams. Invited articles can be upto 10 pages. Paper must be written clearly and concisely with consistency in style and spelling, and typed double spaced on good paper. The format is ‘Abstract’, ‘Keywords’, ‘Introduction’, ‘Data and Method’, ‘Discussion’, ‘Summary/Conclusion’, ‘Acknowledgements’ (if any), and ‘ References’.

Title should be specific, brief and informative of the subject discussed.
Up to five key words should be provided.

The abstract should be typed on a separate page and should not exceed 100 words.

Only standard abbreviations should be used.All measurements should be in SI units. Avoid beginning of a sentence with numbers.

All tables must be numbered serially and be placed at the end. Tables should carry brief titles. Abbreviations used in the table should be defined at the bottom of the table.

A set of original drawing on transparency paper and photocopies must be sent along with the manuscript. Al diagrams must be neatly labeled. Maximum size of a diagram can be A4 size.

References in the text should be cited by authors name and year of publication. The references should contain the author(s) name(s), year, title, name of the journal, (in standard abbreviations), Vol. No. , and pages. References to book should contain name of Editor, if any, preceded by, Ed(s), place of publication, publisher, and year of publication and chapter or pages referred to. References to thesis should contain the degree, the year in which submitted, the university and the place. Samples are given below :
Mooley D.A. and Munot, A.A., 1993, ‘Variation in the relationship of the Indian Summer Monsoon with global factors’, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci., (Earth Planet Sci.) Vol. 102, No. 1, pp. 89-104.
Asnani G.C., Tropical Meteorology, Pune, 1993, pp 120-134.
Phillips N.A. The atmosphere in Motion’, Ed. B. Bolin, New York Rockfeller Inst. Press., 1959, pp 501-504.
Singh U.S., ‘Some studies on Vertical Motion and diabatic heating over the Indian Monsoon region’, Ph.D Thesis 1975, Banaras Hindu University, India.



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