Section A-Statutes

These Statutes embody the main principles on which the Society shall operate. The management of the affairs of the Society in matrs of detail other than those governed by these Statutes shall be regulated by the Regulations enacted in conformity with Article 7 of these Stattutes.

Article 1 – General

1.1. The Society shall be called the INDIAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY.
1.2. The registered office of the Society shall be at New Delhi.
1.3. The functional year of the Society shall be the official financial year beginning with 1st April.
1.4. The Society shall be a non-profit organisation and none of its income or assets shall accrue to the benefit of its members.

Article 2 – Objects

2.1 The objects of the Society shall be :
(i) advancement of meteorological and allied sciences in all their aspects.
(ii) the dissemination of the knowledge of such sciences both among the scientific workers and among the public, and
(iii) application of meteorology and allied sciences to various constructive human activities such as agriculture and land uses. irrigation and power development, navigation of sea and
air, engineering and technology, medicine and public health etc.

2.2. To achieve the above mentioned objects the Society may take from time to time, any of the following concrete steps, among others-
(i) encourage and expand research activity on the subjects mentioned in 2.1 above.
(ii) organise lectures, meetings, symposia, discussions etc. for reading of papers and discussing problems.
(iii) arrange to publish suitable pamphlets, books, periodicals, brochures etc., and
(iv) promote co-operation in scientific work as far as it may be practicable between Govvernment departments, academic and other research institutions, scientific societies and industries.
(v) The Members of the Society shall endeavour to foster common interests of the Meteorological profession

3.1. Members of the Society shall be of the following categories.
a) Honorary Fellow
b) Fellow
c) Member
d) Associate Member
e) Patron
f) Intitutional Member

A Member who pays all his dues in a lump sum as prescribed by the General Body shall be called a Life Member.