(Vayu Mandal)

 Chief Editor            : Prof. S.K. Dash,

Managing Editors: Shri Anand Kumar Sharma

Executive Editor:  Dr. Kamaljit Ray


Prof U.C. Mohanty,IITB

Prof  G.S. Bhat,IISC

Prof   D.V. Bhaskar Rao, K.L.University

Prof   K. Mohankumar,IISC

Dr Someshwar Das,Central University of Rajasthan

Central university of Rajasthan

Dr  C.M. Kistwal,SAC,Ahmedabad

Dr R.C. Dhiman,NIMR, Delhi

Dr  A.K. Sahai, IITM,Pune

Dr S.S. Ray, MNCFC, New Delhi

Dr  M. Mohapatra,IMD,New Delhi

Dr  Snehmani,SASE

Prof.  P.K. Mohanty,Berhampur University

Dr  Sagnik De,IIT,Delhi

  1. Vayu Mandal, which is the official bulletin of the Indian Meteorological Society, is published twice a year. Price per copy is Rs.50. The annual subscription is Rs. 100. For Foreign Subscription the rates are US $20 (by air mail) and US$ 10 (by ordinary mail). Members of the Indian Meteorological Society receive a free electronic
  2. Correspondence and contribution to the Journal may be sent to the Managing Editor, Vayu Mandal do Mausam Bhawan, Lodi Road, New Delhi-10003. The papers should be typed in double spacing. The number of figures, photographs and tables should be kept to the minimum possible and they should be in a form ready for photo reproduction. Use of mathematical expressions may be minimized and lengthy list of references Subscription by Demand Draft/Local Cheque Payable to Indian Meteorological Society at Delhi may be sent to the Secretary
  3. Authors will receive the copy of the issue of Vayu Mandal containing their contributions. Extra Copies can be provided on advance payment.
  4. The society can use any material published in Vayu Mandal in other publications.
  5. The editor and the society are not responsible for the views Expressed by any author in their contribution published in Vayu Mandal.
  6. Email: vayumandal.ims@gmail.com