Indian Meteorological Society

National Council 2016-2018


President                                      Council Members

AVM (Dr.) Ajit Tyagi                       Dr. C. M. Kishtawal

Immediate Past President         Prof. Manoj K.Srivastava

Dr. Akhilesh Gupta                        Prof. Rajesh Kumar Mall

Vice- Presidents                            Dr. K. K. Singh

Dr. M. Mohapatra                           Dr. D. Rajan

Sh. S.C. Bhan                                   Dr. Nihar Ranjan Das

Secretary                                        Sh. Gajendra Kumar

Sh. Anand Sharma                          Dr. Naresh Kumar

Jt. Secretary

Dr. V.K. Soni


Dr. D.R. Pattanaik

The Society was established in 1957 and was registered on 26 May 1972 under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 as amended by Punjab Amendment Act 1957 and applicable to the Delhi State. Registration No. of the Society is 5403.

Objectives of the Society.
(i) Advancement of Meteorological and Allied sciences in all their aspects.
(ii)Dissemination of knowledge of such sciences both among the scientific workers and among the public.
(iii) Promotion of application of Meteorology and allied sciences to various constructive human activities.

The Society is a non-profit making organization and none of its income of arrears accrue to the benefit of its members.

Activities of the Society
(i) To encourage and expand research activity.
(ii) To organize meeting, discussions, symposia, conferences etc.
(iii) To arrange to publish suitable publications.
(iv) To promote cooperation in scientific work as far as it may be practicable between Government Department, academic and other research institutions, scientific societies and industries.

The Society’s Headquarter is located at Delhi and its local chapters are functional at various places in India.

Any person who is interested in the aims of Societies is eligible to become a member. The annual subscription of membership is Rs.300. Life membership subscription is Rs.3000 (U.S. $ 300) for scientists from India (abroad). Admission fee is 50 (U.S. $ 10).



  Chief Editor          : Prof. S.K. Dash, IIT Delhi

Managing Editor: Shri Anand Sharma, IMD

Executive Editor:  Dr. Kamaljit Ray, IMD

Members of Editorial Board

Prof. U.C. Mohanty, IIT Bhubaneswar

Prof. G.S. Bhat, IISc

Prof. D.V. Bhaskar Rao, K.L. University

Prof. Mohan Kumar, CUSAT

Dr. Someshwar Das, Central Univ. of Rajasthan

Dr. C. M Kistawal, SAC

Dr. R.C. Dhiman, NIMR

Dr. A.K. Sahai,IITM

Dr. S.S. Ray, MNCFC

Dr. M. Mohapatra, IMD

Dr. Snehmani, SASE

Prof. P.K. Mohanty, Berhampur University

Dr. Sagnik Dey, IIT Delhi

Vayu Mandal, which is the official bulletin of the Indian Meteorological Society, is published twice a year. Price per copy is Rs.50. The annual subscription is Rs. 100. For Foreign Subscription, the rates are US $20 (by air mail) and US$ 10 (by ordinary mail). Members of the Indian Meteorological Society receive a free electronic

Correspondence and contribution to the Journal may be sent to the Executive Editor, Vayu Mandal Mausam Bhawan, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003. The papers should be typed in double spacing. The number of figures, photographs and tables should be kept to the minimum possible and they should be in a form ready for photo reproduction. Use of mathematical expressions may be minimized and lengthy list of references Subscription by Demand Draft/Local Cheque Payable to Indian Meteorological Society at Delhi may be sent to the Secretary

Authors will receive the copy of the issue of Vayu Mandal containing their contributions. Extra Copies can be provided on advance payment.

The society can use any material published in Vayu Mandal in its other publications.

The editors and the Society are not responsible for the views expressed by authors in their contributions published in Vayu Mandal.



  • The contents published in this bulletin have been checked and authenticity assured within limitations of human errors.
  • The geographical boundaries shown in this report do not necessarily correspond to the political boundaries